Portal FAQ

How to open a new request

Choose “Create a new Request” at https://fmc.refinitiv.com


How to upload the files? Is there any limit of files?

After you will create a request you will have a option to upload files (you will also get a Confirmation Email with link to upload files). There is a limit of 500 MB for one file, however you can upload multiple files. In case of any technical issues with file upload please contact fmc.support@refinitiv.com.

How to download the files when they are done?

After you will be notified by a FMC agent that your files are done you can download them from the https://fmc.refinitiv.com/checkstatus page. Plese enter the correct Request ID and email and follow these instructions. In case of any technical issues with file download please contact fmc.support@refinitiv.com.

How secure it is to send you my data/ files?

FMC is using SSL Certificate and every action between portal and the user is encrypted and is known only to those two sides

How secure is the storage of my files?

All files are encrypted at rest and are stored in Refinitiv Data Centers which have very high security protocols

How quickly will I get the deadline for my project?

After receiving the files to newly logged request on the FMC portal, FMC team estimates the timeline for project completion. Estimating the deadline depends on the complexity and volume and may take from 2 up to 24 hours.

Will I have a project coordinator?

Yes, after analyzing the files you will receive an initial response from your dedicated project coordinator who will be responsible for completion of your project.

What if I do not know what “product from/ product to” fields are in the questionnaire?

Please provide as much details as you can regarding the project but feel free to leave the blank fields if you are unsure of the choice. Project coordinator will contact you to precise all the details.

How do I track the progress of my project?

You can check the status of your request at any time here: https://fmc.refinitiv.com/checkstatus by providing your email and request number

How do I upload additional files?

Please follow the link sent to you in the confirmation email after submitting the request or find you request in: https://fmc.refinitiv.com/checkstatus, and choose “Upload additional files”

How will I receive my files back?

You will be notified by your project Coordinator that your files are ready to download from https://fmc.refinitiv.com/checkstatus.

Do you perform any quality checks so I can be sure that there are not mistakes in the final projects?

Yes, we perform standard quality checks in order to assure the correctness of the data we deliver.

What type of migrations you can serve?

  • Upgrades: Off site conversions to Eikon from ex-Investors products: Reuters Knowledge, Thomson One for Analytics, Thomson One for Investment Analyst, Starmine, EcoWin, T1.com, Lipper, and Datastream
  • Conversions from other data vendors
  • Create New Excel Models / Modify Existing Models for Refinitiv Workspace, Refinitiv Eikon, Datastream for Office and Datastream Charting

Do you build projects from scratch?

Yes, we can build custom, tailor made analyses/models based on client’s requirements.

What are the asset classes you work with?

We offer customized projects containing the data in the scope of Refinitiv products.

Do I have to be a customer of Refinitiv to a model or conversion?

Since we offer conversions from other data vendors, the service is available also for prospects.

Is the service billable?

No, the service is free of charge for our customers as well as for the prospects.

Is it possible to request an onsite visit?

Yes, in some particular cases you can arrange it with your Account Manager and the FMC team.

Can I have a remote session?

Yes, if you require any help or product training we are able to organize this for you.

How can I reach you?

You can reach us by following the help section at https://fmc.refinitiv.com

Where can I raise a technical issue regarding the problems with using your FMC portal?

Please send email to fmc.support@refinitiv.com

Do I need to compress all the files?

No but the upload would be quicker